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Hip & Joint Bites

Boost your dog's movement with everything they need for maximum mobility

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Perfect for dogs young and old, these chewable supplements can help keep your dog's joints in tip-top shape for years to come.

The Glucosamine HCI can help keep your dog's joints lubricated and their connective tissue strong from nose-to-tail while the Chondroitin can promote healthy cartilage development and easy joint function for young pups and the young at heart. The Bovine Collagen can encourage strong bones and improve skin health for a thriving dog, inside and out.

Whether they're running at the park, playing fetch, or jumping onto the couch for a furry cuddle, you can help keep your best friend pain-free.


Vitality Bites

Keep that tail wagging with everything your dog needs to stay happy and healthy

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  • Highest
  • Sustainably

These chewable supplements contain only the best ingredients for your pup, supporting strong hips and joints, heart health, great gums, and a solid digestive system.

The Fish Oil can help support your dog's heart, joints, coat, skin, and immune system for whole-body health while the Asian Ginseng can help your dog recover from stress and fatigue thanks to the powerful antioxidants.

The CoQ10 can help promote vital heart health and keep your dog's teeth and gums strong. Make sure you give your dog a lifetime of fetch, tug-of-war, and fun at the dog park.


Calming Bites

Help your anxious dog by managing their stress, nervousness, and hyperactivity

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    & Tested
  • Cutting Edge
  • No Corn, Soy
    or Wheat

These chewable supplements include ingredients for whole-body health combined with elements that can help keep your dog composed and relaxed in stressful situations.

The Valerian Root can help calm your anxious dog and promote restful sleep for nervous pups (and their owners). The L-Tryptophan can reduce hyperactivity and decreases aggression, letting your dog be on their best behavior, while the natural Chamomile can help chill out even the most stressed pups by relieving anxiety and calming their phobias.

From separation anxiety and car rides to thunderstorms and fireworks, these calming supplements can help your pup stay calm and relaxed.

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