Toby & Coty started with a simple mission:

Make Good Stuff for Good Dogs.

  • Inspired by our own four-legged family members we’ve carefully and lovingly combined the freshest, highest quality ingredients into these flavor packed supplements for dogs. Each supplement has a unique formulation made with the best possible ingredients your dog will love with no added fillers or gumming agents!! 

    Since the beginning, we’ve sniffed out top shelf ingredients, sought out trusted pet nutritionists and produce our products only with US based partners in FDA registered facilities. Why? Because we’re dog owners ourselves, we know that dogs are members of the family.   We demand only the best for them. Our promise? Simply put, our growing assortment will always be packed with healthy ingredients dogs love.

  • Who are Toby & Coty?

    Toby and Coty are two dogs with very distinct personalities. Toby is a silly, unruly mutt with an eye for trouble and a heart of gold.
    Coty is a whip smart collie with a nose for treats and looks to melt hearts. Together they’re our inspiration and remind us that all dogs are different in their own unique ways.

    Dedicated to Dogs

    We want every dog to be as happy and healthy as possible, that’s why we support non-kill animal shelters and reputable charitable organizations.

About our Supplements

  • Sniffing out the best stuff to give to your furry best friend can be as tough as raw-hide. At Toby & Coty, we make your search easy.

    Blending trusted research with an advanced understanding of pet health, we create awesome products that your dog will love.

  • Cutting-Edge Manufacturing

    We manufacture our delicious soft-chew supplements in a cGMP facility that is FDA registered and SQF (Safe Quality Food) certified for the highest quality on the market.

    Quality Ingredients

    Our custom formulated soft-chew supplements contain no cheap fillers, silicon dioxide, maltodextrin, corn, soy, or wheat. Just the best possible ingredients for your dog.

    Tested & Approved

    Our 100% American made soft-chew supplements are tested and approved in state of the art facilities by a team of pet nutrition specialists before anything leaves our facilities.

    Maximum Benefits

    Our soft-chew supplements are made without heat, water, or gumming agents, preserving our incredible ingredients' excellent texture, delicious flavor, and extensive benefits in every bite.

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